We design solutions that drive business growth

Thoughtful design has helped our clients build meaningful connections with their customers, stand out from the crowd, and drive business growth. As a small design agency with diverse perspectives, we work together to visualize your brand story.


Our design meets
your challenge

1 Brand Identity



  • Creative concepts
  • Brand personality
  • Digital and print strategy
  • Messaging
  • Design principles and guidelines

We help you capture the spirit of your brand, and develop design principles as you embrace your new identity.

2Design (UI)



  • Websites and LPs
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital products and apps
  • Design systems
  • Brochures, posters and other print deliverables

We define your brand's visual direction and design captivating products that set you apart from the competition.

3User Experience (UX)


print design

  • Analysis and research
  • Design workshops
  • Wireframes and prototypes
  • Qualitative and quantitative UX testing
  • Product validation

We build intuitive digital products that your customers will love.



  • Design workshops to train internal teams on new visual guidelines
  • Product strategy
  • Design audits
  • User research

Design workshops to train internal teams on new visual guidelines Product strategy Design audits User research



  • Determining use cases
  • Sketching creative concepts
  • Creation and implementation of new assets

We create illustrations that embody your unique personality, helping you forge a deeper connection with customers.




  • Handoff of assets to developers
  • FE and BE development
  • React, React Native
  • Node.js
  • WordPress

We make it easy for your developers to work with our designs.

our process

Well thought delivery process

Every project is filled with different challenges, but we use our time-tested design process to guide us through. Our secret ingredients? Open communication and transparency. We keep our clients closely involved throughout every step of the project.


We take the time to know your brand inside and out before embarking on our design journey. This is where ideas bounce and take off.


We define your brand's visual direction and design captivating products that set you apart from the competition.


Every design element of your new brand identity, mobile experience, website, you name it, is carefully created and refined.


We’re in it for the long haul. As our clients’ trusted design partner, we see projects through to completion—and beyond.

They are not design idealists. They make sure to understand the business while delivering highly conversion outputs and ensuring commercial success for the customers.

Martin Hegelund

CMO at Ageras Group
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Maintaining communication with the team was a very easy and enjoyable experience which resulted in receiving the desired outcomes.

Milan Sekerak

Founder at RufRuf
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I was impressed with their ability to pull a concept out of our thoughts and put it into reality. Definitely planning to collaborate in the future.

Deepak Gupta

Management Executive, Casino Gaming Company
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1What makes Blackfish different?

As business owners and creative directors, we know design is only one aspect of your story. Building and maintaining a successful brand requires much more than a unique logo or website. We provide clients with end-to-end design solutions, and partner with companies from ideation to implementation. We consider a creative project successful when it drives long-term business growth and customer satisfaction.

2What’s it like to work with your team?

We believe there are three ingredients that make for top-notch relationships with our clients: transparency, open communication, and a big-picture focus. In every project, we bring our A-game and keep our eyes on the high-level business challenge at hand. This means you can expect us to be your committed design partner who isn’t afraid to voice ideas and execute. At the end of the day, we’re as passionate about elevating your brand as you are.

3I’m not sure if I need a rebrand or a refreshed visual identity. What’s the difference?

We’re glad you asked. Rebranding means starting with a clean slate and transforming your entire brand (messaging, visuals, and positioning) into a completely new image. Typically, clients look for a rebrand when they need to evolve their brand amid fierce competition or meet the needs of a changing audience. Rebrands are lengthy, intensive projects. On the other hand, refreshing your visual identity is like infusing your current brand with new energy. A brand refresh can help you stay relevant, modern, and consistent during the digital age. Before we kick-off a new project, we take the time to help assess your design needs and determine the best-fit solution. Curious to see what we can do for you? Give us a call— we can’t wait to meet you.

4How does your payment structure work?

The payment process can look slightly different depending on the project length; let's break it down. First, we will always provide a quote or an estimate of how much time it would require to complete the project (give or take 10%). After we agree on the scope and budget, we usually bill our clients at the end of each month with a timesheet included for full transparency. As you might know, estimates aren't always spot-on and project briefs can change during the design process. Not to fear— before this happens, we proactively communicate and discuss new expectations and deliverables with you. We say “no” to blindly billing our clients.

5What’s your turnaround time?

Our clients would tell you that we usually respond to messages within few hours (or even in minutes) since we’re connected to them on Slack. The time to complete a creative project depends on the complexity of the deliverables. We like to keep our soup hot and deliver iterations quickly to keep moving forward fast.

What’s your big vision?

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