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Prague, Czechia

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At Blackfish, we help the best be even better. Since 2018, we've been creating products and brands used by hundreds of thousands of people across industries. There are almost 25 of us. A bunch of talented designers, developers, marketers, project managers, travelers, athletes, foodies. We are at home in Prague, but you can find us all over the world. We are all a little different, but we all have the same goal. Doing the kind of work that is ahead of its time and that we enjoy.

Here is what awaits you here

Together with designers, analysts and project managers, you will code and program websites and applications written in React, create component libraries for large-scale projects of our clients and improve the creation process and point out shortcomings. And because more eyes see more and at Blackfish we don't release any code that doesn't pass the check of at least two colleagues, you will also do reviews.

What our stack looks like

  • We build all websites and applications in React, NextJs using Typescript
  • ESLint and Prettier ensure code readability and quality
  • We version all code on Github
  • We deploy projects automatically on Vercel or Google Cloud

Stuff you should know

  • Web application development in React
  • Javascript/Typescript, HTML and CSS
  • Working with Git/Github
  • Communication with BE using the REST API
  • Thinking logically and analytically
  • Enjoying work and learning new things

Stuff you could know

  • Development in NextJS
  • Component development using Storybook
  • TailwindCSS
  • Wordpress and headless CMS
  • Prismic CMS
  • Development in NodeJS

Working at Blackfish is not just about sitting at the computer

  • Time is precious. Vacation is 20 days, sick days 3 days paid + 3 unpaid. In addition, you can exchange holidays for days that suit you. We have a home office every Friday plus 30 flexible days a year.
  • Home office and remote even without covid. We care about the work done. We meet regularly in our office, but if you prefer to be at home or abroad, we can talk about it.
  • Share in the company's profit. We want to share our successes, which is why we offer each member of the core team a reward from the profit that we manage to achieve together.
  • We'll help you move. Or at least we'll make it easier for you. You will get a multisport card from us without any talk or persuasion. And sometimes a masseuse comes to fix our backs.
  • Courses not only for developers. Do you want to learn better English or find out what's new in your field? We will support you. At seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • The phone bill is on us. A bit of a corporate cliché, but not paying for calls, texts and data is useful. In addition, we will not limit your consumption in any way.
  • We value our time together. We have breakfast or BBQ together, go out for beer and wine where we share all our thoughts and ideas or just enjoy ourselves.
  • Team-building is not a nightmare. We go when we all feel like it. During the work week, not on the weekend. To the cottage, to the mountains, to the water. And we don't force you to do anything you don't want to do.
  • No more cravings. Fruit, drink, evil things. We think about your health, but also about when you need to sin during a difficult day. We regularly fill the fridge.
Our team enjoying their time together while having some snacks
Employees playing table football at our team building.
Our guys grilling meat for burgers

Our sailor

is you

Show us who you are and what you can really do. Here or there at [email protected].