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Trustpilot Group plc, is a Danish consumer business operating a review website founded in Denmark in 2007 which hosts reviews of businesses worldwide.


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2018 – 2019

In cooperation with


Trustpilot has been working to bring consumers and businesses closer together.

As the company scaled, Trustpilot looked to a creative agency that could help them bring their mission to life across every print and digital medium.


With a global presence that was only continuing to draw the attention of new enterprises, Trustpilot needed a nimble design partner that could help them scale their growing operations.

Most importantly, Trustpilot’s core philosophy of transparency and authenticity had to translate onto every marketing asset.

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After taking the time to understand every aspect of Trustpilot’s business, we set to work designing a variety of advertisements, conference banners, and ebooks.

As we met their design needs from left to right with ease, Trustpilot made us their go-to creative partner across their Copenhagen, London, and New York offices. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to help Trustpilot execute their flawless and honest design.

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Trustpilot, a well-regarded consumer review platform based in Denmark, achieved a significant milestone with its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in London. On its first trading day, the shares of Trustpilot soared over 15%, marking a triumphant debut on the London Stock Exchange.

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